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*** (update 5/3/2014) ATTENTION LOVELIES! We have a great set of contributors to the board now, so rather than overload with quantity over quality, I'm starting a wait list for new contributors! Please comment here or on one of MY pinterest pins (here!, that's easiest for me to add you!) and when a spot opens I'll add you. Please be patient and feel free to remind me if a few weeks pass and you don't hear from me. :) LOVE YOU ALL, THANK YOU FOR MAKING THE BOARD SO AWESOME!!!!!***

Want to find out how to be added as a contributor to the MOST AWESOME PINTEREST BOARD EVER, "Do Something Awesome!"? Want to know the rules for contributors? Click here!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Okay, shhhhhh. Everything is going to be okay. First, go to "settings" then click the tab that says "change email notifications." Then go to the second option "group pins" and slide the little slider over to "off." 

2. Why are you allowing advertisers? I don't want to see people selling stuff!
Because I think sellers should get to brag about their crafts too. Just because they're making some money doesn't mean they shouldn't be proud. However, I have stated in the rules that sellers are limited to one post per day which links to their products, so that the board doesn't get spammy.

3. I just want to follow, not contribute. How do I do that?
Just follow the board. Following no longer gets you added as a contributor; for that you have to make a request by commenting on this post. If you're already a contributor and want to be removed, you can also comment on this post and I will remove you. Please do not go to the "edit board" contributor list and start wantonly hitting remove. That doesn't just remove people from your list, it deletes them completely! 

4. HEY! I was deleted! Now I'm sad and it's all your fault! *FROWNFROWNGROWL*
Sorry! It probably wasn't me, unless you posted lots of links to penises or something. One... okay. Lots? Delete. But really... Unfortunately contributors can delete people off the board, and sometimes it happens by mistake. Comment on this post with your pinterest name and I will re-add you.

5. Why did you add me as a contributor? I don't want to be added!
Sorry! My mistake, or possibly someone else added you (shame on them!). Simply go to the board and click on "edit board." Find your name and click "remove," but please, ONLY yourself and no one else! (see #3) Or, comment on this post with your pinterest name and I will remove you. 

6. I want to know everything about you ever.
Follow Scissors & Steam! I blog about crafts, my dogs, food, my sexy husband, and I know the meaning of life, but I only share it with followers. No wait. That makes me sound like a cult. I'm not one of those. Unless you want to join. In that case I absolutely am. You can follow here by GFC or Linky Followers, and also by Bloglovin', Facebook, Twitter, and of course Pinterest. I love stalkers who follow me everywhere. Except in real life. Then I might hit you with a shovel.

7. Will you marry me?
Maybe. Sending me presents will greatly increase your chances. I'm partial to taxidermied space aliens and printed books from the 13th century. Also you will have to convince my husband that's it's okay. If you can achieve all three of those I will consider your proposal.

8. I hate you.
I love you.

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