It's either cookies or poop fruitcake.


If you put "lazy dying star" into google it gets confused, so instead here's a baby elephant imitating a lazy dying star

So apparently I need therapy, but I've decided instead of therapy I'm just going to talk to the internet. Because that always ends well.

Yeah sometime in the last six months I had kind of a weird slow meltdown where I both figured out a bunch of stuff about myself and also began the process of imploding like a dying star, but slow like a lazy dying star, or a dying star that is sort of indifferent to going out in a blaze of cosmically-appropriate glory. Like a dying star that needs therapy. Apparently.

So I'm going to clean up the blog a bit and get rid of some shit I don't like. It's probably going to change course a bit. But if you've followed my blog at all (you know, forever ago), then you know I am horribly unreliable when it comes to sticking to one topic. It's the ADD. Consider it a gift. A surprise when you visit. You could get cookies! Or a fruitcake. Or a fruitcake made of poop. 

You never know. EXCITING.
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