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This post is even longer than usual, so heat up some coffee and snuggle up to the monitor. Also helps if a cat or dog is purring in your lap. The cat, not the dog. That would be a weird dog.

I recently discovered the joys of pre-made photoshop actions. I am by no means a photoshop whiz and I'm pretty lazy when it comes to everything editing, so awesome actions that some awesome person dreamed up are kind of like my ice cream these days (I'm on a diet and it sucks SUPER BAD but I've lost almost 20 pounds in the last 1.5 months, so go me. okay tangent over).

For those of you who don't know, "actions" are just macros that you download and open in photoshop. When you click the button in PS it runs the action and then fairies sneeze magic all over your photo. I wanted one that would render a "vintage" effect for the edits on the Retro Academic photos, but a lot of the free ones I downloaded were kind of disappointing. Then I discovered Florabella, who with the help of her sneezy fairies designs actions, packages them up in neat little packs, and then sells them to wary girls recently jilted by their free-loading, laz-y-boy sitting, beer-swilling Ex-actions that they downloaded in fits of rebellion out of dank and ill-lit alleys of the Internet.

Florabella's fairy-actions appear haloed in glimmering light with promises of beautiful photos at the click of a button, with only the occasional sideways glance and warning that not every photo will be perfect as a sparkly unicorn horn. Maybe unicorn poo. Still sparkly, but also still feces. The fairies giggle like tiny bells.

But like all fairy tales, the salvation of the heroine comes at a price. The Vintage Pack was $39. I definitely chewed my lip over that. It was the cheapest pack on her site, I believe... Some are upwards of $100. Granted, you get a bunch of stuff, but going from downloading for free to forking over real money was kind of scary. But I did it. And here are the results, so you minions don't have to wonder if it's worth it.

SO. Here we go. The pic above (at the top of the post) is the original, edited with Florabella's makeover actions to get rid of my breakout and the results of years of unprotected fornication with the sun. I like the pic as is, but I'm going to run each of the eight actions on it so you can see what they all do. Each action has multiple editable layers, but I left them all as is, at 100% opacity, so you could see them at full strength. The Vintage Pack also comes with some extra add-on actions, like "sunlight," "sheer haze," and "vignette," but I will review those next week-ish.

1.) Vintage Summer: One of the more gentle actions, with a light sepia tone.

2.) Vintage Summer II: Like 1 (go figure) but a pinker tone and sweeter overall.

3.) Vintage Wine: Lighter wash and more contrasty than the others.

4.) Classic Vintage: Neutral, hazy tone.

5.) Vintage Haze: Pearly light haze.

6.) Sweet Vintage: Soft pinkish blush.

7.) Retro Vintage: Darker, smokier sepia tone.

8.) Retro Lollipop: This action is a little different than the others in that it has multiple colored layers than you can isolate or combine to pop different colors. The overall effect can range from wheat-field tones to soft pastels. For this pic I have the teal, violet, and warmth optional layers turned on. I think this is my favorite. :)

I do recommend them, but they definitely do work very differently on different photos. A lot of the pics I tried looked just awful. They also tend to require a lot of fiddling with the layers to get them looking right; these pics were easy (one-click!) because they didn't have a lot of saturation or contrast to begin with. I noticed that the actions tended to really pull yellow, so that was occasionally frustrating to fix in other pics.

So was it worth the money? For me... yes, absolutely, but my wallet is cranky and wants ice cream now (especially since I got the makeover actions at the same time, ouch). I'm LUSTING after Florabella's other actions though, despite my bank account, especially the Classic Workflow, the Luxe II, and the Color & Haze sets. Plus the chick is super nice, and got back to me very quick when I emailed her a question.

Honestly, if you've got time and more patience than me, you could probably come up with something similar to these effects. I will say that I really struggled to get these results on my own, and after having a look at the details of the actions, I NEVER would have figured them out on my own. NEVER.

I also really love the makeover actions. I think I might do a video post showing how those work on one of my pics. Yes? Might be fun. I'll probably ramble inanely, which will provide you with lots of amusement, at my expense.

OH the things I do for you.

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  1. These are fantastic - so fun and dreamy looking!. I just recently became addicted to Photoshop actions (totally abused them in my post today), and I can't get over how much it's streamlined the editing process for me and created some great consistency!

    - Lindsay


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