Pencil Skirts and Painted Umbrellas!


I've found a couple awesome posts in blogland recently. This first one is from Cotton & Curls, which is a pretty neat blog that focuses on sewing and "re-fashioning." This post on a super-easy pencil skirt is awesome cause it's very clear and, well, EASY for those of us (me, ahem) who are too lazy for lots of cutting and measuring and pattern nonsense. I am off to get some fabric today to give this a try, so I'll let you know how it goes! Check it out here.

And this second one (which you've seen already if you follow my new blog Retro Academic HINT HINT) is just really cool, and it's from Design for Mankind. I love umbrellas. It's a weird fetish to have, I admit it. But I love them! They make me think of Mary Poppins. And rain, which I also love. I cannot wait to try this but I have no idea where to find a white or light colored umbrella... I assume online somewhere. Ideas anyone?

So yeah, check these out! The man bought me a fancy new sewing machine for my bday (well, fancy for me. I really have no basis for comparison) so I am definitely trying out the pencil skirt one. 

In case you haven't heard me yelling about it, I have a new blog over at Retro Academic where I blog about awesome clothes for hot nerdy smartypants. There's a big ole banner at the top of the right sidebar, which you probably saw already unless you're blind or just super in the BLOG ZONE. Really, it couldn't be more noticeable unless I splashed ugly glitter gifs all over it. Which I did NOT do, cause I'm not an asshole today.

Check it out and follow me there or on Facebook so that I can have FWENDS and feel validated as a human being. Also, Pinterest. I hang out there a lot, with the cool kids. :)


  1. Pencil skirts are a stylish article that looks great. And I love the satisfaction of making things myself.


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