Please Restrain Your Cannibalistic Baby


A totally accurate portrayal of me as a dazed kitten and my thesis as a cannibalistic human toddler.  
So yeah I'm still here. I finished my thesis and now I am formatting. I've decided that instead of following the 45 pages of formatting requirements, I'm just going to cast a voodoo circle and sacrifice a chicken. Should have the same result. Oh calm down. I'm kidding.


Anyway, I have an absolutely nerd-tastic post on the way for you that involves a wooden sword and looking nonchalant in front of banjo playing hillbillies, and then possibly hiding behind the sacrificial altar at a 200 year old church. Okay so it was probably just a cement picnic table, but sacrificial altar is way more exciting than potato chip platter. It's pretty spectacular in that way that only happens when planets align in the perfect shape of a semi-crushed can of Mountain Dew Code Red after it's been passed around at a WoW convention. Yes that's a real thing, Science says so.



  1. *snort...*

    You had me at chicken sacrifice. ;)

  2. I <3 all things nerdy. PS: I'd rather have Red Bull at a WoW convention. :)

  3. Soooo...I've been skimming through your blog and I'm pretty sure you rock my world!


I'm not always great at replying to comments but I DO read every single one of them and I always reply in my head. So in my mind we've had this deep conversation about the meaning of life or whatever, and we're best friends, and we craft together on Sunday afternoons while drinking Mojitos and watching old Indiana Jones movies. So thank you for your comments. And now I want a mojito.

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