Books Are Brain Food, part the First.


I'm a bibliophile. Straight-up, hard core. I love the way a book feels in your hands, its weight, the texture of the cover and of the paper, and the sound the pages make, like rustling birds. I love the way ink rests on top of a page, and how if you look very closely you can see the tiny ridges where the letters meet the paper. That close, paragraphs start to look like terrain maps. I love indexes, footnotes, and author's notes. I love authors who break the rules and I love authors who are clearly more intelligent than I am. I love books, I love the Word.

I didn't really plan on blogging about my book fetish, but hey if you've read this far rather than simply closing me then maybe you're interested. Or maybe this is just hiding the porn you've got in the other tab until whoever leaves the room. Or maybe you're holding out hope that this post will turn into a tutorial for how to make thimbles or something. In that case, it's at the very end. After all the stuff about books.

The video above is about Shakespeare & Company, and I hijacked it from Her Library Adventures, which has turned into one of my favorite blogs. I love everything about this video! So Inspiring. It's in Paris, so yeah. Automatic +85. Cozy bohemian bookstore, +20. Gorgeous girl with skin like an angel's butt, +10. Loves aspiring writers enough to employ AND house them, +400034235jsfd92. That's a whole lot, for those of you not versed in the integers of Awesome.

Stay tuned for Part the Second, wherein I talk about the tomes of spiritual glitteryness and of trashy awesomeness that have severely impacted my brain. In a good way. Cause they're books.

And in my mind, books can do no wrong.

Oh shit, I forgot about the thimble tutorial. Sorry. My bad.

Also, I have got to stop mentioning porn in this blog. You would not believe some of the searches that are bringing people here. I'd tell you, but it's like herpes. If I say it out loud, it'll just spread.

Okay a clue then. A puzzle! Yay! I love puzzles! WOOO! Here you go: Granny stripe.

Yeah. Eww.

Wow I managed to turn a post about the beauty of books into a guess-the-fetish game. I AM SUPER TALENTED.

I should've stopped writing 17 sentences ago. I apologize. Also, because there are apparently endless ways to follow now, if you need one more besides all the ones up there, I'm now also on Hellocotton. It's pretty awesome,  AND I WAS FEATURED ON THEIR FRONT PAGE two days ago but I didn't get a screencap cause I'm an asshole, so you'll just have to take my word for it! But I haven't decided yet if it's better than Bloglovin'. What do you guys think?

So yeah. Follow me so I can sleep at night. Also, if you're here for some porn, you are bound to be disappointed.

Probably. You never know.


  1. I've been to that book store in Paris and it is absolutely amazing! I think it was one of the highlights of my whirlwind 36 hour tour of Paris. So flippin' awesome. You should go.

    PS: bibliophile is a great word...and a great thing to be. Are you anti-Kindle, then? I'm addicted to the written word, whether it's a mass-market-paperback trashy romance novel, a quality copy of a classic, or a contemporary parenting book for the Kindle. I just love to read.

    1. Really? You've been there? That place is worthy of a pilgrimage! And so close to Notre Dame... amazing.

      I'm not anti-kindle. I don't have one, and nothing can beat a real book, but I see their utility. But bookbinding is becoming a lost art... I'm afraid appreciation of the Book is waning.

    2. Agreed. I do love my Kindle; it's terribly convenient. But nothing beats a book. There's just something about the way they smell. If you're ever in Jacksonville FL, you HAVE to go to Chamblin's Bookmine. It's a used book store the size of a Super Walmart. (I'm exaggerating only a little bit. That place is seriously HUGE.)

  2. Jamie, my love, you forgot about the smell! Oh, the smell of a new book, freshly opened, it holds the scent of possibility. An old, slightly moldy book smells like wisdom, tried and true. Dime store paperbacks smell like sensual romance, or dusty Texas towns filled with cowboys carrying six-shooters on their hips. Ah, Books! My lovers and friends!

    1. Oh, so well said! How could I forget the smell?? I like to put my face right up to the edge and flutter through the pages, the smell of the paper wafting... It's so true. The smell of a book (or better, a shop full of books!) immediately calms me and fills me with expectation!

    2. I wrote my reply before I even read this! So well said. :)

  3. P.S. I linked this post on my blog, I hope you don't mind?!

  4. Jamie, I love to read too. Too bad, there are not enough hours in a day, so I can do everything I love :( Your new header is awesome! Love the colors.

  5. Wait a minute...where's the porn? Stupid Google search never works...

  6. Hey! I've been to that bookstore! The name sounded familiar, but I was unsure, so I watched the video and then I knew it was at the 3:25 mark. I took a picture I still have somewhere of that quote over an archway in the store, "be not inhospitable to strangers". Didn't know any of that about it, though, (obviously). Cool! Thanks, fellow bibliophile - I'll be passing this on. : )


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