Air Traffic Controllers Are Much Happier Now


Remember when I did this post and I reassured you that you did not mistakenly drop acid in your morning mojito, I mean coffee? Well, once again, you have not accidentally ingested anything.

Me before a moment of psychosis. Hair is healthy and brownish, with a red henna sheen:

No, I'm not a space alien. Why do you ask?
Go put some sunglasses on.

Step one: Have a normal, unassuming, non-ominous morning. Step two: Get ready for shower. Step three: Spy an old bleach kit hiding under the sink. Step four: Call husband at work, crying because your hair is toxic-runoff orange:

Is that a smirk? What the hell??

It took FOUR bleach processes to get my hair to a shade that wouldn't signal an airplane. By some miracle, my hair stayed healthy! Actually, not a miracle. I soaked my hair in coconut oil every time I bleached it; smeared the bleach right over the oil. I only left the bleach on for 10-15 minutes each time, and I waited at least a week between processes. Plus my hair was super healthy to begin with. But seriously, I never EVER thought I'd get rid of the henna orange. HOWEVER:

Me minutes after realizing I no longer looked like something the EPA would quarantine
I used Elumen, which is some kind of German sorcery. Sorcery the consistency of jello. It's kind of hard to find and it's meant for salons, but HOLY CRAP is this stuff awesome!!! It's non-damaging; it uses magnets or magic or something to color your hair. I could not be happier. Actually, I believe the word is relieved.

Okay here's a less freaky picture:

I am actually naturally blonde, but as I've gotten older it's darkened to a lightish brown. I've dyed my hair pretty much every color, including the colors that come with names like blue lake 40. No I have no idea if that's a real color. Sounds good though, right?

So, tonight I'm picking a winner for the giveaway! Are you all excited??? I hope so, cause I'm pretty stoked. And, make sure you check out Jacquie at Life Lived Gracefully, cause she's gonna have a pretty awesome giveaway in the next few days! And I do mean awesome. But she swore me to secrecy, so I can't tell you unless you profess your love for me in eight languages. Those are my conditions. They are non-negotiable.

Je t'aime!


  1. Love the new hair color!! It looks natural :)

  2. WOW! I love! so summery

  3. The new color looks lovely and very healthy. Props. I don't use any heat/coloring/etc and my hair still isn't that healthy. Then again, my hair is very very long :)

  4. Ugh been there, I've had so many "orange hair moments" like when purple faded to an unsightly gray. . .lol

  5. I love you hair, and the conditions for telling people about my giveaway! They are (both) awesome. So, everybody...go over to my blog tomorrow and win even more amazing stuff!!!

  6. Jamie, love, I believe you're channeling Hot Lips Hoolihan from that wonderful show M.A.S.H.!!! Fabulous!!!!!

  7. good job you have done here it shows that how much you caring and the picture you told less freaky is wrong its i think your one of the best photo you looking so beautiful here you do so many things for your hairs bleaching , coconut oil etc but in the end you have found a great look
    professional scissors


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