This Giveaway Is Not For Guns


Today's the last day to join the giveaway! Check out the original post, then follow, share, and comment to join in!

This book is handmade by me, so it's awesome. It's a blank journal of artist-quality paper, with blue endpapers, rigid boards hand-covered in super cute birdie fabric, with a little metal label holder on the cover. Oh and it has a pretty bird ribbon bookmark. And I have to tell you about the stitches, cause they are special. I bound it using a coptic stitch, which is perfect for artists, because it allows the book to open (and generally stay) completely flat. This is a quality book, about 4" by 6" (small enough to drop in your bag!), and 172 pages.

In other news, Scissors & Steam is getting a whole new look. Natalie of Fifth of August Designs is gonna give S&S a much needed makeover. I'm so excited to see what she comes up with!

I'm also working on a new tutorial for you, that will involve clay and a scalpel. Yay! Something else to cut myself with! I now have a scar on my hand from that glass that broke last month (you probably heard me whining about it if you follow me on twitter) that is shaped like a smile. Or a frown, depending on which way you're looking at it. Yesterday I was holding it up to my face going "HAPPY!" "sad" "HAPPY!" "sad". It's like those mustache tattoos people get on their fingers, except awesome. It's also right on my first knuckle, so I'm gonna tell people I got it in a bar brawl when I was running guns in Istanbul.

Join the giveaway. It's for that handmade-by-me book in the picture. Not for guns. I lost those in Marrakesh at a poker game with two French dwarfs and a circus bear.

I'm really bad at poker.


  1. You're funny, you remind me of How I met your mother for some reason. Hope you don't detest the show and thus, make my compliment a bad comment. I have never entered a give away before, but I'll try this time, since the notebook looks really neat, and of course, because I appreciate your humor and creativeness in every post.

    1. I've actually only seen that show a couple times and I don't really remember it, but I hear it's super funny. So I'll take that as a compliment! To enter the giveaway you actually needed to comment on the original post, but I'll enter you manually. :)

  2. wonder why the program didn't show my name. Neko it is. :)

  3. Hi Jamie! I just have to say I love your blog! We are friends now....remember :0) I don't think it is possible for me to follow you any more than I already do. SOOOO I think I should win your AWESOME journal so that I can put pictures of you and the stuff you make in it and truly meet my stalker potential!! Ok put the phone down... no need to call the police!

    xoxo Shannon

    1. Lol Shannon, you will forever retain a special place in a padded cell WAIT I MEAN MY HEART as my first blog stalker ever ;)

      j/k. Always cool to read your notes. :)

      And actually to enter you needed to comment on the original post, but I'll enter you manually!

    2. Thank you for entering me anyway, I like to do things differently.... and I am a dork for not reading the ENTIRE rules. Oh well :)

      P.S. A padded cell sounds like a nice vacation! Thanks for the idea.


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