Lovely Gloomy Day


The weather here has been really weird: hot, then rainy, then gloomy, then all three at once. We finally had a semi-nice day on Saturday, so we piled all the canines in the truck and drove out to the lakes near our house for a hike. It was gloomy and rained a bit towards the end, but it was lovely and just cold enough to be comfortable.

Tiny Winter blooms:
Since we didn't get much rain this year, the lakes were all really low and had a deep basin of mud. The dogs decided that was the best thing ever. EVER.

Ever notice how some guys have glorious hair that girls would just kill for? Travis has that kind of hair. It's this luscious, curly, Irish red that I am intensely jealous of and want for my very own. Also, his eyes are the same exact color as his hair. I have never, ever seen someone with red-orange eyes before. My my, this man is gorgeous.

I bought these Minnetonka moccasins a couple weeks ago and I am in love with them.  They are amazingly comfortable, and cute too. When I was a kid my Mom always had several pairs of moccasins, usually with beaded thunderbirds and patterns on them, so these kind of give me a sense of my childhood.

Watson looking like a lion in the grass.

Travis spotted this dragonfly sitting in the middle of the road. I thought he was dead, but I got down close to look, and he walked right up into my hands!

Are you a nature-type person? What kind of outdoorsy stuff do you do?

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  1. We've been having funky weather on our end too. I like taking the girls to the park, that's been about the extent of our outdoor activity lately! lol These are gorgeous pics!

  2. We had temperatures in the 70's last week and it snowed two days ago, more warm weather is expected by the end of this week. So mother nature can't make up her mind here. I love just hanging out in my front yard watching the kids play....Your fur babies are adorable!

  3. Where did you get your wedding ring? It's beautiful and so unique!


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