If I Give Myself a Trophy, Does That Count?


So I know I have been a total slacker asshole about replying to comments and posting in a regular and predictable manner. My excuses this time are that first I had the flu and was feeling like scooping out my lungs and sinuses with a spoon (cause it's dull you twit!) and then flinging them at the bioterrorist who infected me with his/her plague, and then the man's back launched a mutiny against the rest of his body so he had to go visit my least favorite place on the planet, the hospital (now there's a horror sound effect but I couldn't figure out how to type it, so you'll just have to take my word for it!), and now I have to baby him because I'm awesome like that.

Also, that last sentence was perfect because it simultaneously won me two prizes: first, a spot on the terrorist watch list, and second, a grammar-innovator prize for longest sentence ever with excessive use of parentheses, italics, and exclamation points. I swear I'm not making this up. I have trophies and everything.

I actually do have stuff going for you guys. I have two tutorials I'm working on, and this awesome project with clay. This is part one of making clay beads out of Premo Sculpey... These colors are: fluorescent yellow, turquoise, and ecru. I also was going to use transluscent, but apparently transluscent just means "muddy white" once it's burned cooked in the oven.

I also tried that no-heat-curl thing I keep seeing everywhere, where you put a stretchy headband on and then twist your hair around it. It worked great, and was super easy! Sorry for the crappy pics; I took them on the spur of the moment with my webcam, and my office is really dark. It's painted celestial blue, which besides being a beautiful color, also absorbs all light within a 100 yard radius of my house.And don't ask why I'm making a stupid face. I just do that.

You may notice the new follower thingy for Linky Followers. That's for those of you planning for a possible GFC apocalypse. So if you're wondering if I really have awesome grammar trophies or if I'm gonna end up on some kind of no-fly list due to this post, then you can follow me with that or with GFC or with Bloglovin' or by rss to find out. You can also stalk me on Pinterest and Twitter.

I don't really have a trophy.

But I am on a no-fly list. That exists entirely in my head and the only way for me to get through my mentally-imposed security is to take a lot of sedatives. Last time I flew I wandered around Sea-Tac fucked up on xanax & rum for an hour before my friend found me. Apparently I also threw up in his car. I believe I said "Don't worry, it's mostly water."

I apologize to anyone who made it through that paragraph, and also to Josh's car. He bought a new one after that.

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  1. Boy, after all that you and I both deserve a trophy! Have a great weekend!

  2. Hope you're on the mend, being sick is the worst!

  3. Haha, I agree with Charlotte, we all deserve that same trophy or one similar for getting through the crazy. But, I navigate crazy in my own head on a daily basis, so there ya go. If you're not magically offered a trophy, I'll create one for you. Sound good?
    Oh! I like the curls. I used to do my hair like this when you were visiting last summer. Give me a terrible headache though. If you use smaller sections, you get tighter curls. I know your hair doesn't like to behave, so that might help. :)


  4. Poor Jamie, I hope you get better soon! Can't wait to see your tutorial on clay beads. The coloras are amazing. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a coment! So nice of you.

  5. I don't think anyone on the Blogger platform needs to worry about GFC disappearing from their blogs. I read it was just not going to be available any more to anyone using GFC on their blog that is not blogspot.com hosted.

  6. You are so so funny - I think I will make you a trophy. Because you need one. I promise to incorporate a smallish, silvery-type camper into it. But no puke - because that's just gross.

  7. Also, when I see this "<3" I don't think of a heart shape. I think of size D boobs. Just sayin.


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