I Heart Campers


I love camping. I love waking up in the morning, brewing coffee over a campfire, wandering through woods and fields, and staring at the stars at night, so much brighter than they are in the city. The whole sky lights up like fairy lights strung from planet to planet. And throw in a comfy camper? More awesome than cupcakes stuffed with fairies.

Actually that would kind of not be awesome. Forget I said that. I don't want to eat a fairy. Even if it is wrapped in sugary goodness.

Okay maybe.


Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky remodeled her Brave motorhome, and I love the interior so much I want to make out with it. It was actually her fantastic site and pics that originally got me on the camper kick. You can see the pin here

I love the little aluminum pull-alongs! I just want a small camper like this one... Nothing huge. I don't need to drag around a giant shiny penis. Umm. Cause they're just too big. Crap there's no way for me to delicately get out of that metaphor. Sorry. Pin here.

A camper tea house! Why yes, I WOULD like some chamomile with my adorable camper! Pin here.

Cause I'm so hooked on these things, I made a new Pinterest board: Camper Love. Check it out! Don't forget to follow the blog here too or on Facebook, cause when I actually get my camper I'm going to go completely bonkers and you'll want to be around for that craziness.

Seriously. BONKERS.

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  1. I so love vintage trailers! I'm hoping to have one of my own one day!

  2. OK... you may have started me on a camper kick! These are adorable and I want 5... just so I can redecorate them. *Sigh* Another reason I need to win the lottery

  3. I saw this board of yours the other day on Pinterest and LOVE it! I have on one campers/airstreams, too, but it's not as good as yours. : )

  4. while we use our camper as a shop, i can't help but dream about getting another one so we can camp in it! consider me following your board, sweet lady!


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