Giveaway Winner & Fat Eggs


First off, congratulations to Jennifer of Finding My Way in Texas for winning the giveaway! She was chosen through the very scientific process of the man frantically scrolling up and down with his eyes closed and picking blindly. I wish I had something for everyone cause you all were so awesome to enter, but there'll be another giveaway soon! So stick around and you'll get another chance. :) And Jennifer, I will email you shortly.

In other news, I apparently forgot to take my smart pills again. Now, I do generally consider myself an intelligent person, but have you ever noticed that sometimes smart people can be just plain dumb, absent-minded, and totally lacking in common sense? Yeah. I've noticed. Usually AFTER everyone is looking at me with very concerned and/or confused expressions.

Fortunately this morning no one was around to witness my latest streak of specialness. So of course, I have to tell the internet because instead of just pretending it didn't happen I'd much rather make all of you look at me with those concerned/confused expressions. Apparently self-deprecation is vital to my morning.

It's really not that big of a deal. You know how you get so dependent on the internet that any time you have a question about anything, whether it's how to do fractions (2 nights ago), if that's a tornado coming (yesterday), or if that cough is due to the flu or the plague (every day in the last week) you just grab the nearest wifi-equipped device and ask the internet? Well, this morning I looked up how to boil an egg.

How to boil an egg. Really. THE DIRECTIONS ARE IN THE NAME JAMIE. Good god. Jacquie or someone else who knows me IRL is going to chime in and graciously remind me of all the times I've burned water.

This is what Google gave me when I searched "stupid eggs." I apologize.            source
Now, I've truly come a long way when it comes to cooking. I couldn't cook hardly at all 4 years ago. Then I went vegan (temporarily) and discovered I had to learn how to cook. And I did. I became fairly proficient and now I can generally make a good meal without the kitchen looking like some six-armed destroyer goddess wanted to make spaghetti using nothing but the souls of jilted men and tomatoes.

But I went to the fridge this morning, looked in, saw eggs, thought "Hmm. Egg salad!" shortly followed by "How do I make egg salad?" followed by "How the fuck do I boil an egg?" Grabbed a computer, started searching and then the smart part of my brain struggled out from under the bossy loud stupid parts and yelled "WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU JAMIE."

And truth be told I still haven't boiled an egg because I was so overwhelmed with the emergency of telling absolutely everyone in the world that I had to post this right this second.

Also I just realized that the title of this post could be misconstrued and there's probably lots of disappointed people reading this. It was a reference to the Google picture.

Not to boy parts.

I apologize.

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  1. Woo Hoo So excited :) Just emailed you back!

  2. buah!!!!!!!!!I was hoping to get it :(
    and about the words to say but: you have to take cooking lessons quickly!

  3. Jamie,
    Okay, I promise I won't go into the stories of your past cooking mis-haps. But there are many...many. anyway, I know the whole issue with "how do I do that?" when it's by far the simplest thing to do in the world, like tying my shoes or something. So, don't feel bad about being "smart/stupid". I just made that up. Heh.

  4. would love it if you could share this on my link party at

    Natasha xx


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