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I've been on a little bit of a thrifting binge lately. It started when I saw this pin on Pinterest and I thought, "I've seen that before with vintage wine glasses." ...pause while the wheels start to crank... "I LIKE IT."

Next thing I knew I was charging around to all the local goodwills and antique shops like a thrift-crazed rhinoceros buying up all manner of little bits of awesomeness. I should note though that we have instituted a "buy something, leave something" policy in our house in order to protect from buying lots of unnecessary "stuff." So if I go thrifting, I bring a box of things to donate.

I got those three gorgeous wine glasses at a little antique shop in downtown Augusta. Frankly, I'm surprised I survived. That place was so crammed full of crap I was having a hard time navigating the narrow aisles without tripping eyeball-first into a rack of creepy old dolls. What is it about porcelain dolls that is so darn creepy? I bet those little fuckers wanted me to trip and fall, so they could feast on my organs while I was incapacitated. Assholes.

Tucked way under a table I found these vintage trays. They were way under there; probably they weren't actually for sale. Or maybe someone hid them so they could come back later and buy them. HA. YOUR PLOT IS FOILED.

I found these mugs at a couple different Goodwills. The four stacked in the back are cool cause they're oven safe! I can't wait to bake something in them. And I am in love with the mushroom mug. It's the perfect shape for me cause it's big so I get more caffeine per cup and the top is tapered so it's slightly more of a challenge for me to spill. 

And I found this skirt for $1.25. Yes it's about 8 sizes too big for me. Literally. In this picture it's folded in half lengthwise. But it's so pretty! 

And here's a pic of the whole lot. Not a bad haul. None of the mugs were more than $0.80, and the glasses were about $2 apiece. The trays were more at $8 each. That's how much I liked them. The woman who rang me up didn't get it. "I dunno. They're like cafeteria trays... Well, I guess there's some kinda ass-thetic appeal." And then she puckered her lips at me like an irritated camel. 

I actually realized later that the light yellow wine glass has a crack in it. SAD FACE. Oh well. I'm gonna turn it into an open terrarium. You've seen that tutorial, right?

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  1. BEAUITIFUL fins dear, just fabulous!!

  2. I understand what you are saying about creepy porcelain dolls . They have always creeped me out. I think I read a book once about them. Anyway your lunchroom trays took me back :) And your post always make me laugh ! Keep em coming.
    Dawn@Making Home

    BYW , I just did a post last night about terrariums. Check it out if you have time.

  3. Great finds!! I love the trays and skirt the best! That skirt material is cute!! Oh I hate those dolls,too!! CREEPY!!! Darlene

  4. ive been fighting the thrifting bug for weeks in an attempt to declutter and unpack my boxes of junk(from moving in late AUGUST)thank you for curbing the craving for a short while!~margo

  5. I love all your finds and am eager to see what you do with everything. Don't you just love Goodwill. I am a new follower visiting from Fireflies and Jellybeans. Vicky from Mess For Less

  6. OOhhhhhh!! What bril finds! Is it horrible that I live in a particular neighbourhood in TO JUST for the Goodwill finds?

  7. Fun finds. When my kids were young, I loved trays, and they thought it was cool to have compartments for each dish!

  8. i want all of them:-)
    they are looking fun

  9. missed the creepy doll photo - but it's just as well

  10. I just found you through your link on "Skip to My Lou." I don't know where I've been...I had to go and read your back posts, your writing is great! I totally need a thrifting buddy like you.


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