Five Fiery Phoenixes Fly in Formation


Magenta prisms through a glass of red wine
 Happy New Year! We celebrated by having a nice, happy evening with good friends, wine, and fire.

A horoscope quote borrowed from my sweet and visionary friend Jessica aptly describes the evening:

"Leo (July 23-Aug 22) - I love the way they celebrate the New Year in Stonehaven, Scotland. A procession of revelers swings big flaming baskets around on the ends of long chains. I recommend that you carry out a comparable ritual as you barge into 2012, Leo. Symbolically speaking, it would set the perfect tone. The coming months should be a kind of extended fire festival for you -- a time when you faithfully stoke the blaze in your belly, the radiance in your eyes, and the brilliance in your heart. Are you ready to bring all the heat and light you can to the next phase of your master plan? I hope so. Burn, baby, burn. "
 Yes, burn, baby, burn!  

Burning the wicker goat


Burning out the remnants

I'm willing and able
To lift my dreams up out of their cradle
Nurse and nurture my ideals
'Til they're much more than a fable
I can be all I can be and do much more than I'm paid to
And I won't be a slave to
What authorities say do
My desire, is to live within a nation on fire
Where creative passions burn and raise the stakes ever higher
Where no person is addicted to some twisted supplier
Who promotes the sort of freedom sold to the highest buyer
We demand, a truth naturally at one with the land
Not a plant that photosynthesizes bombs on demand
Or a search for any weapons we let fall from our hands
I got beats and a plan
I'mma do what I can
And what you do, is question everything they say do
Every goal, ideal, or value they keep pushing on you
If they ask you to believe it question whether it's true
If they ask you to achieve, is it for them or for you?
-Saul Williams
Let all our creative passions burn in the coming year!


  1. thank you! What a great way to start 2012 - Happy New Year to you!

  2. I just saw you on "Made by you Monday" and came over to check you out.(Oh,that didn't sound right!) Anyways,you cracked me up so much I subscribed so you can entertain me often! Thanks!
    But seriously,I love the Granny Stripe and I think you have inspired me to start one of my own.For some reason I have so much trouble making a granny square.The stripe will be just the ticket for me! Happy New Year! Darlene

  3. I LOVE the horoscope. Reminds me of you, just a tad. :P
    And the pics of the wicker goat are awesome. Have an amazing 2012, my dearest friend! Miss and love you much!

  4. @Dinnad, Happy New Year to you too!

    @Darla Mae, Check me out anytime. Really, I don't mind. Ha! Give the granny stripe a try. It's a little more manageable than the squares, I think. :)

    @Jacquie, Miss you and love you too. I hope you have a great 2012!

  5. It's official. You are my new favorite blogger. You just quoted Saul Williams!



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