All the Hip People Dig Analog


I grew up in Silicon Valley back when Silicon Valley was the shit. Companies begged people to come work for them, Fry's Electronics had lines wrapping all around their kitschy warehouses, and the traffic was enough to make even the most code-addicted engineer want to move to Borneo. It was Office Space.

You don't hear about it too often anymore, but back then there was this bloodthirsty rivalry between PCs and Macs. I was (like every computer literate person with a brain, lol, just kidding. But not really.) firmly PC. I admit I still retain a bit of anti-Apple sentiment. STOP THROWING THINGS AT ME!!! I even resisted iPods for years, until the hundreds of scratched CDs sliding all over my car finally convinced me to graciously accept one for Christmas. I loaded that thing up and angels started singing Nine Inch Nails. Haven't looked back since. Well, a few times. But mostly not.

I still grimace at Macs. I still bitch and whine about them. But I say this as I type on my husband's MacBook, in a post singing the praises of my new addiction, an app that runs on my iPhone. It's called Hipstamatic, which I guess has been around awhile, but I'm slow. It's freaking awesome. It takes crappy cell phone pictures and turns them into old 70's style photos, like the ones from those old disposable cameras. It has a bunch of interchangeable "flashes" and "lenses" and "films," all of which produce different effects. My favorite combo right now is the Chunky lens with the Cherry Shine flash and the Ina '69 film. So cool. It's not free, but it's pretty inexpensive, and totally worth it in my opinion. I would buy an iPhone just for this app. I am that in love with it.

And yeah, I get that you can do all this stuff and way more with Photoshop, but there's something cool about the randomness of it. With Photoshop you can always revert to your original. With this, you take your picture and you get what you get, just like the old cameras. You can end up pleasantly surprised or pissed off. Waiting for each new picture to load is like unwrapping a present.

I can't stop taking pictures so I opened up a Flickr account to house all of them. Check it out. Also check out my freshly minted twitter and follow me, so I don't feel so much like I'm chattering at myself like a crazy person. Also, I used FotoFlexer to make these collages. It was free and quick. Try it out if you find yourself holed up somewhere with only a Mac. ;)

That middle photo in the top pic is my view from where I'm sitting right now. I'm hiding away in the mountains of NC with the man for a week for our five year anniversary. Blessed quietude...

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  1. I remember those CD's sliding around your car. I believe mine looked quite similar. Still does, actually. Need to make the move, honestly. I've been using hubby's MAC too, since my laptop died a horrible hard-drive death. :( Guess I need to upgrade there, too! Enjoyed the post! <3

  2. Well I'm not so far gone as to want a mac laptop... but I am slowly learning to use Travis'. I have to admit the iPhone has become indispensable. I've had too many crappy windows phones, I guess...


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