1,000 Pins!


How did we survive before Pinterest? Did we all just live in dark, dank, grey rooms with dull scissors and tangled bits of sad yarn languishing in disused drawers? Did we wear the same plain white t-shirt every day? Did we use jars and bottles only as jars and bottles, rather than as lamps, planters, and dirigibles? 

Pinterest! Our knight in quilted armour! Rescuing us from craftless, fashionless, unaesthetic boringness!!!

Minions, I have reached 1,000 pins. That's one-thousand. That's 10 times 100 bits of inspiration.

I figured a round up of my all time favorite pins would be appropriate. Feel free to chime in the comments with links to your own favorites! I'd love to see them! (it's an addiction)

(p.s. I will try to credit the original source. If I get it wrong and you own a pic, let me know and I'll be happy to fix it!)

In no particular order:

Apothecary Jars from apartment therapy. They remind me of my Mason Jar Terrariums:

These Crochet Owls from Haakmuts are my single most popular pin!

I love this brooch bracelet from cupcakes and cashmere:

More crochet, this time adorable rainbow fishies! These are from Annemarie's etsy shop:
Celestial bedroom, originally from Country Living:

Succulent Wall Hanging, also from apartment therapy:

DIY projects for old books, originally from the Written Word!!!

Crochet footstools by Claire-Anne O'Brien:

Love everything about this little nook, especially the blue wall!

I am in love with this photo from Kinfolk volume 2. It reminds me of the old masters of oil painting:

A solid bit of advice for all you writerly people:
And well, yeah.
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  1. Congratulations! I have a pinterest account, but haven't started yet. Love the images you shared.

    1. Beware! Once you start using it, it's addictive!

  2. would love it if you could share this on my link party

    Natasha xx

  3. I love Pinterest. I get up in the morning and check email, facebook, then Pinterest!

  4. Me too. Get up, get coffee, email, pinterest ;)

  5. Thanks for linking up to Serenity Saturday
    Hope you can come and join us this week too


    Natasha xx

  6. 1000 pins-- whaw-hoooo!!! Nice job!

    Visiting from My Romantic Home's linky party :)
    Thanks for sharing :D
    ~Smiles, Suzanne in NW Illinois at WHYCUZICAN

  7. I just joined pinterest it is a really cool site. I haven't got too into it yet but I am sure I will. I really enjoying seeing what people have pinned off my blog though makes me feel good to know people like my stuff enough to pin it! =]


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