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It's always a challenge gift shopping for my artistic, talented, inspiring mother. Browsing around Etsy I came across Katie Daisy's beautiful art at The Wheatfield. She had a lovely watercolor of a quote by Lord Byron that I thought really reflected my Mother's natural spirit.

When it arrived, it was even prettier than I expected! Very high quality printing, and such a sweet girl, she included a free little extra. Such a treat! My Mom will adore it.

Such a pretty picture deserves a pretty frame that showcases it's aura of natural wonder. I decided to pick up a distressed wood frame and embellish it with living succulent plants. I bought a piece of driftwood and several shells. Here is the tutorial! It's deceptively easy, and so beautiful!

You will need:
  • A frame
  • Some little succulents
  • A piece of holey driftwood
  • Several shells
  • Some moss
  • Cactus dirt
  • Epoxy glue (I used gorilla glue epoxy)
  • A beautiful picture to frame

Choose a piece of wood that has just a few large holes. If it's too "holey" the dirt and moss will fall out. You can use moss from outdoors, but make sure it's completely dry! I had some leftover from the Mason Jar Terrarium tutorial.

Stuff the moss into the wood. Really jam it in there. Don't be shy.

Gently separate the plants from the majority of their dirt. Protect the roots as much as you can, but trim off any really long pieces.

Make a little space with your finger in the moss. Drop a bit of fresh cactus dirt inside.

Gently place the plants in their new homes. They will be loose at first. Be very careful with them.

These are the tiny little baby succulents I chose for the seashells. Same drill as for the driftwood.

Now mix up your epoxy. The stuff stinks like hell but is a million times better than hot glue. Just follow the instructions and don't inhale the fumes.

Spread the epoxy very thickly where you will place the wood and shells. VERY thickly. Don't worry too much about making a mess, we'll clean up the frame when it's dry.

Now place the pieces. This takes some fiddling. Get them in place and shove something up against them so they don't fall. It only takes about ten or fifteen minutes to dry.

In the meantime, have some grownup grape juice.

Now that it's dry, take some fine grain sandpaper and scrub out all your epoxy dribbles. If you used a natural, distressed frame like I did, it'll look just fine.

And finished! So pretty! Can't wait to give it to Mom for the Holiday!

The plants will be very delicate in their spaces for a few weeks at least. Succulents grow very slowly, so be careful with them until they take root. Water only occasionally, and even then just use a little dropper. Succulents will die quickly if overwatered.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous frame, and beautiful print as well. Pretty sure your mom will love the hell out of it! :D Happy Holidays to all of you! <3

  2. Oh my goodness! What a beautiful frame! I bet your mom loves it! And don't you just love Katie Daisy's work?!

  3. @Jacquie, she really did! Although I am going to have to get some UV protective glass for it. I didn't think about it at the time, but the plants need sun, and the sun will fade the print. Thus the special glass...

    @Chelsea, thank you! And yes, I adore Katie Daisy's work. I love her style and spirit!

  4. This is the coolest idea! Love how it turned out, I especially love the "have some grown up grape juice" step!

  5. This is so creative and adorable. I love plants. I wish I could have sunny place for having a desert plant colony. I am your newest follower.

  6. I love this project! It came out great!
    I'd like to invite you to share it with us at our "What's It Wednesday" Linky party. I'm sure everyone would love to see it, too!
    Best wishes for the new year.

  7. Now that is clever and it looks fabulous too! I'm visiting from My Romantic Home and am a new follower. Stop over for a visit sometime.

  8. Turned out very pretty! My mom would love this. Thanks for linking up to I Made It! Monday. Can't wait to see what you have linked up this week.

  9. How clever! And your tutorial is wonderful! I work for and the coolest part of my job is featuring other folk's work! I'd love to feature your work on our website! Check out my page: - And my email is

  10. Wow, thanks everyone!!! :)

    @Candance, Wow, thank you! I'd love for you to feature my work!!! I'll shoot you an email. Thanks again!

  11. I have never seen anything like this before! Amazing! Just pinned this too :) Thank you so much for sharing at Taking A Timeout Thursday! I hope to see you back this week.

    Trish - Mom On Timeout

  12. Hello again Trish! Thanks for pinning!! I will be stopping by next week for Taking a Timeout Thursday! :)


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