The Refrigerator Is Not For General Storage, Jamie


So I got up this morning, made the coffee, reached in the fridge, took out the milk, and found this:
That, my friends, is a tub of bookbinding glue. Apparently, after finishing up my friend Jacquie's Christmas present, I decided in my infinite wisdom that glue needs to be refrigerated. Also, this wise part of me forgot to inform the rest of me, so it's been in the fridge for about two days without me or anyone else noticing. Way to go, Me.

In other news, you may remember from this post that over here we've been working our way through every Harry Potter movie. As a result, the husband has been perfecting his Snape voice and I've been swooning.

He decided that we should retrain our dogs to respond to magic spells. Now, our dogs are very well-behaved except for when they're not, so they don't really need retraining. But nothing screams "I'M A GIANT NERD!" quite like yelling "ACCIO OZZIE! ACCIO WATSON! ACCIO MOLLY!" at a dog park full of southern suburbanites.

What do you think? Should we do it?? If we do I'll totally post a video! What other spells would be good? Chime in, we need accomplices!

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  1. You had me at Harry Potter. I'm a serious HP geek -- the general embarrassment of my husband and kids! Love the "i'm a giant nerd" tag ...

  2. My younger sis is the biggest HP nerd ever. I'm sending her this link right now. I'm sure she'll be able to help you come up with some more spells.

  3. @Linda, thanks! Yeah my husband pretends to be embarrassed, but he's really not. He is also a huge nerd. ;)

    @Mary Helen, great, thanks! Hopefully she'll have some input for us!


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