A Perfect Morning


I woke up this morning to four perfect things. First, the sound of rain outside; is there anything better than the patter of a steady rain after a long drought? Not for me. When I was a kid my room was next to a porch with a tin roof. Whenever it rained it was a cacophony of drumming water on metal. Now, that sound instantly puts me in a mood to write, read, and create.

Second, two tiny red-headed birds flew up to my window and chirped at me. Wanting in from the rain? Disney refugees? Perhaps if I sing at them they'll tie ribbons in my hair. Wow... I must be in a good mood to go to Disney rather than Hitchcock!

Third, my endlessly tolerant husband made me coffee before he left for work, while I was still asleep in bed. One of my most favorite people making a favorite thing for me. How awesome is that?

Fourth, my three giant dogs are apparently as in love with the rain as I am, cause two crawled on the couch to cuddle with me, and the third curled up at my feet. No one with dogs will ever be unloved.

It's gonna be a good day.

Anyone who knows me will snort at the idea that I'm a morning person. But all these things combined into a perfect blend of comfortable, inspiring pleasantness, so instead of plopping down and playing skyrim like the last two days (hey, it was a rough semester!), I lit a fire in our sadly disused fireplace (GA doesn't offer much opportunity for fires in the hearth) and decided to go ahead and write a post for that blog I started months ago.

I don't really think I have a theme for this blog... My husband calls me a collector because I have such a short attention span that I pick up hobbies and move on to the next one the second I get bored. He's also told me that his friends at work ask him what weird thing I'm up to at the moment, for amusement or ideas, I'm not sure. ;) So, this will chronicle the various things I try: crafty stuff, books I'm working on (both reading and writing), cooking, occasional swearing and inappropriateness (because this is me, after all), and so on. I really am all over the board, generally. And this is just as much for me as anyone else who happens to read, cause I'm always wishing I had some kind of record my ventures.


  1. Whew, good to know I'm not the only person executing the ol "Wake up, play skyrim" maneuver.

    I'm curious to see these creative projects you get up to. I have, to my knowledge, never followed a blog in my life. But hey, there's a first time for everything, right?

  2. Yeah I was glad to see they fixed some of the weirdness of Oblivion... Especially the leveling issues for mages. Skyrim is pretty awesome.

    Thanks for following me! :)

  3. You? A morning person? Haha! As long as there's plenty of coffee, right? I genuinely KNOW this feeling recently. Sounds like a perfect morning though, if ever there was one. I am glad you were able to use your fire-place too. We just used ours for the first time ever, as well.

    Anyway, enjoy the chronicling. I think it's an important thing to have, especially when we get too old to actual do the stuff we want to.

  4. I'm loving your blog and your writing, it's great. And your dogs are just the best. I am desperate for a dog after mind passed away aged 18 years this summer - but I'm in a rented property that won't let me have any right now. What are their names? How old are they?

  5. Thanks Fiona! Sorry to hear about your loss... Losing a pet is no less wrenching than any other family member.

    Oz is the half lab/half great dane lying on his side; he's 1 1/2 years old. Molly is the St. Bernard; she's 3. Watson is half lab/half golden retriever, and he's 3 1/2. Ozzie's the goofy one, Molly's the smart one, and Watson's the nervous one. ;)

    Sucks being in rented property. Literally about two weeks after moving into a place that allowed pets, we adopted Watson. We didn't even have our furniture yet! But who needs pillows when you have a sweet puppy??

    Thanks for commenting! I glanced at your blogs but don't have a lot of time at the moment. I'll be back soon to peruse at leisure, though! :)


I'm not always great at replying to comments but I DO read every single one of them and I always reply in my head. So in my mind we've had this deep conversation about the meaning of life or whatever, and we're best friends, and we craft together on Sunday afternoons while drinking Mojitos and watching old Indiana Jones movies. So thank you for your comments. And now I want a mojito.

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