Holidays 2011


Santa personally delivered all of our gifts in a balloon. What a nice guy.

The holidays in our house generally go from Halloween to around New Years Eve. This is absolutely my favorite time of year! I love the sparkly lights, the cold, the snow, the gift-giving, the smell of fresh pine, cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon, and the anxious anticipation of a child, which I never seem to have outgrown. We celebrate pretty much every winter holiday, from a variety of traditions, in our house.

Unfortunately this year was a bit cracked out so we didn't have the tree or the decorations, minus a squat little pumpkin left over from Halloween. But we still had a wonderful Yuletide season, capped off with Christmas day, and a horde of gifts for each other and our canine children.

Yes, we wrap the dogs' presents. Yes, they know what that means, and they unwrap them just like a person would. It's adorable. They get so excited when they see piles of presents, and they anxiously start nosing at them till we pass them out.

Molly doesn't fuck around. She rips off the paper and tears out the goods.

Ozzie's delicate. He peels off the paper and gently removes his toy.

 Ozzie is so freakin' twitchy it's near impossible to get a clear picture of him. Oh well.
Watson just digs it out and chows down.
Why yes. I AM adorable.
Aren't I pretty? May I have another?

 Resisting a wood joke. Actually, that's an embroidery frame. Courtesy of the hottie:

He's mine. You can't have him.

This all ended with the dogs passed out in the canine equivalent of an excitement/sugar coma and us driving all over trying to find a grocery store open on Christmas day. Did you know Walgreen's carries sausage, eggs, and crisco? We do now.


  1. well nuts. I blog hopped here from God only knows where (your granny stripe caught my eye), and then I see THIS cutie masked-patootie in the craft store pic, only to see that NOW, I can't have him. hrupmft. :P

    I think I'll stick around for a while & watch ya craft.

    Diane, from Central Florida
    Mom to 5 kids (17 to 7)
    crafter/embroiderer-sewer/crafter again

  2. hey... it was "creations by kara" 's blog where I found you. :D

  3. Diane, anyone who can simultaneously make the man blush and inflate his ego has my respect. Well done! ;)

    Welcome, hang out for awhile. :)

  4. Um. Me again. Stalking a little.

    I really thought you had 4 dogs based on the top picture. Then I realized the tiny fluffy dog was Molly's freakin TAIL.

    I think your dog is bigger than my alpaca. Shit. Your dog might be bigger than both my alpacas [if they happened to be siamese alpacas. Does that even make sense? forget it. you understand me, I know it]


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