Granny Stripe Beginning!


Here's the 450-stitch-long foundation chain for the granny stripe blanket! It was painstaking, to say the least, having to concentrate so hard on the tension and then the counting... Oh god, the endless, confusing, brain-frying, counting! I ended up using those little stitch markers every 50 stitches so that when I inevitably lost count I wouldn't have to start over.

This blanket is gonna be huge, hopefully big enough to cover a bed, and hopefully not big enough to make me hate the mere thought of picking up the crochet hook to work on it!

I bought a whole flat of mason jars today to make little herb terrariums for holiday gifts... Tutorial soon? Yes.


  1. I'll follow you, darling! you're a yarn lover, too? You need to come on over to my blog and link up to Fibers on Friday and meet all the friendly people over there!


  2. Beth, Ah yes, yarn and I are becoming quite close!

    Thanks for following, I'll stop by Fibers on Friday! :)


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