Granny Stripe Progress!


I've decided a weekly progress report is needed for the granny stripe blanket, now named The Monster. It's coming along quite... well, not quickly by any stretch. Just coming along. Slow and steady, with very few bouts of shrieking and cussing. Although I have learned to hate the way the end of the yarn is always lost in a parallel dimension inside the skein. Seriously, end-of-yarn. I hate you.

I am loving my colors though! It makes me happy to look at. It's surpassing scarf-width now; a couple nights ago I put it on like one and pretended it was strangling me. And then the man took my drink away.

Last night I picked up some yarn to try to crochet some little amigurumi fishies or owls or something. My friend Jacquie over at Life Lived Gracefully inspired me to try it. She's just chock full inspiration and aspiration, seriously check her out. (Wait... is that a word? I mean she aspires to stuff. Not that she is aspirated. I think that means having a breathing apparatus or something. She definitely doesn't have one of those. She is a fully-functioning breather. holy shit I'm way off track.) 

Amigurumi will be another brand spanking new hobby for me. We shall see how long my attention holds out. Isn't the yarn pretty though? The picture does not do it justice; that yellowish color is actually this really gorgeous chartreuse that my eyes just want to make out with. It's yummy.

And this is how the man entertains himself when I drag him to craft stores: 

In closing I leave you with a philosophical question. Why, when tracking back a link to my blog did I find it listed under "Tu Zagladam?" Google tells me it means "DOOM HERE" in Polish. Apparently I need to apologize to the Polish. I'm sorry, Poland. I will stop dooming.  

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed it, or if you're thinking "thanks a lot, now I need a drink," follow me! I am also on Pinterest and Bloglovin'. I promise I don't usually spread doom.

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  1. Hello,
    Your granny stripe is coming along nicely, I love the colours you've used. I'm making a granny stripe too but it's not as big as yours! I've learnt most things from Lucy at Attic 24, she's brilliant at tutorials.
    Emma xxx xxx

  2. Great job. I feel crocheting requires so much patience. I wish I had some of that! Happy New Years!

  3. What a great job you are doing on this blanket! I would love for you to share it at my Best of 2011 link party, along with any other posts you are most proud of from this year.
    ~Kara :)

  4. @Emma, yeah I love Lucy's tutorials, and her blog is so sweet. Good luck with your granny stripe!

    @Turtle, trust me, patience is NOT one of my attributes!! I've just kind of gotten into the zone where I can do it and not think about it too much. If I think about it, I'll get overwhelmed! Happy New Year to you too :)

    @Kara, yep I shared this one too. Thanks!

  5. I share your hatred of the end of yarn-ness! By the time you find it your whole skein is unraveled! The granny blanket looks awesome, and I think our guys should hang out while we shop for crafty goodies! lol

  6. Makes me want to crochet just looking at yours. Pretty.

  7. I always love these stripes. Super cute!

  8. Beautiful colors together. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Your scarf is looking so fun! Def not too granny like lol :) And enjoy getting into arugamamajkshfkjhf ok yeah I just gave up on spelling that lol!! I have a friend who does that and I am amazed at how cute her projects always end up!

    I'd love for you to link this up to my link party, Your Whims Wednesday. The party is open until Sunday!

  10. @Jill, thanks, and indeed they should! I think there's some male support needed there... Every time I see a dude in a craft store he looks like a dessicated husk of his former self ;)

    @Hibiscus, thanks! You should do it. Even if all you do is start, at least that's something :)

    @Kayla, yeah I love the stripes too. They feel somehow less chaotic to me than the squares, but still fun!

    @Pam, thank you! I think I'm going to pick up some more...

    @Rebecca, Thanks! I actually have a pic of the scarf strangling incident, but I really look insane in it so I buried it deep in my hard drive where even I can't find it again ;) And I can't spell amigukserweohumi either. Spell check is my friend.

    I linked up to your party :)

  11. Hello, I also have a monster granny stripes blanket going - At one point I tried to do wheels and so the sides got a little bit shorter but I don't mind. If you like I could show you a photo of it, I've used different colours too in the style of Elmer - but then in my true random style I have taken it to rainbow -it's heavy and It's me and I love it - it's taken me over a year to make and I'm still not finished. Would you like to see it?

  12. I found you through My Romantic Home, one of the blogs I link to on Friday. You commented on her site, and your pic was too cute. I just had to see who you are. I love your style and your blog is super cute. If you ever get bored, or need to see another animal loving, vintage inspired, do it all girl-stop by!
    Love-Rebekah @
    Peace out.

  13. @Lisa, Sounds like a cook blanket! I'd love to see a pic! Go ahead and post the link in a comment. :)

    @Rebekah, Thank you! That is so sweet!! I'll definitely stop by; I can always use conspirators :)

  14. I'm now following you for the following reasons: You mentioned Skyrim in your first post (as I listen to it in the background RIGHT NOW), you have big dogs (yeah!), this monster crochet project is awesome, and you live in Augusta (right? my sister is in Aiken), and lastly, because I'm a new blogger too, and love finding newbies like me to grow together!

  15. Chiwei, thank you, those are all awesome reasons! Aiken is so nice, we actually considered moving there earlier this year. I ride horses, and they have an unbeatable horse community. I like your blog, I'm following you now!

  16. i love the colors you've chosen so far!! looks fabulous. crocheting is on my list of things to someday learn. and your post made me laugh out loud while i was reading it. thanks. :)

  17. Really, really pretty! Learning to crochet/knit is on my to-do list!

  18. Your crocheted blanket is really cute and the yarn colors are nice :) What type of yarn are you using? I found your blog via The Girl Creative link-up. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather ;)

  19. You blanket is coming along nicely, I would love it if you shared it here:

  20. Thank you everyone!!!

    @Heather, I'm using Lion Brand Wool-Ease for the granny blanket. It's pretty soft and it's washable. ;)

    @Julie, thanks! Linking up now!

  21. Tu Zagladam! Gah...that's too funny! DOOM!

    (I'm glad I'm not the only one who Google translates odd search words that I find in my blog stats! rofl!)

    I'm impressed with The Monster. I think I might start a Mini Monster (i.e. a lapghan) in a similar fashion to use up some of my yarn bits.

    Thank you for sharing!

    (Oh and I found you through Southern Insti. :D )

  22. Hello,

    wat a great colorfull blanket.
    I like your Protjekt very match

    greatings send you Conny

  23. So beautiful! You are too funny! Thank you for sharing at Taking a Timeout Thursday - you're being featured this week!

    Trish - Mom On Timeout

  24. Hi Jamie, Just a quick note to let you know that I am featuring this as my personal favorite from my "Best of 2011" link party on Friday :)

  25. @Conny, thank you! <3

    @Trish, wow, thanks again!! I'll be sure to stop by! I will be sharing again next week :)

    @Kara, Thank you so much, that's so sweet!! I'll be sure to stop by! <3

  26. Your posts make me laugh. Thanks!!

  27. Its gorgeous..I love the colors youve chosen..Im working on a granny square blanket right now but will post photos progression...cant wait to see your finished creation..!


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