At the Lake...


I like winter. I like cold, and rain, and snow. I like curling up with a good book and hot chocolate while a fire crackles in the hearth. Granted, even when I was living in California we didn't get a lot of snow, but at least the seasons were somewhat normal. Here in Georgia, it's either sweltering, sweaty Hot, or bone-chilling, can't-get-warm Cold. It's just on or off, there's no in between.

Except for yesterday. Yesterday was beautiful! It was crisp and cool, but still bright and sunny. Travis and I took all three dogs to the lake near our house for some exercise and outdoorsy relaxation.

 For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to lean off the dock and call Watson over to me. He interpreted this as "Mommy needs rescuing!!!" (There's a lot of pics here, so I put in a jump after the first two)

He starts to swim to shore to get to me that way. But, Molly and Oslo have decided that all the commotion must mean "Watson needs rescuing!!!"

 Everyone's safe, and everyone's soaked!
 Despite this being a rather remote area, we don't actually see a lot of wildlife. But, we did spot this Great Blue Heron. He was quite upset, and flew off making a loud honking noise, kind of like a goose. But much louder.
All in all, a really nice afternoon. Dogs had a great time swimming in the lake, and Travis and I enjoyed the last bit of warmth before the cold switch is flipped.


  1. I LOVE those pictures. And I really must meet your dogs at some point. They look like a TON of fun. :D Glad you enjoyed your almost Wintery day!

  2. They are so much fun, and spoiled completely rotten. The other night, we accidentally locked Watson outside when we let them out for their goodnight potty, and he was out there for 4ish hours. He was traumatized for days, we felt so guilty!!! Point being, they don't have clue how most dogs live ;)


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