2011 Reminiscence


All over blog-land people are publishing their end-of-year posts: recapping, highlighting, resolving, regretting, reminiscing both sadly and happily... Every year has good things and bad things, and I think for me this was a year of balance.

Starting up this blog has been a wonderful thing for me! I have been really overwhelmed by the huge amount of traffic and readership I've gotten in just over a few weeks. Thank you everyone who has stopped by, and thank more if you commented, and most of all if you followed. It's nice to know there are people out there listening to my (often inane and bizarre) ramblings.

Thank you to the bloggers who featured my posts! The Shabby Nest featured my Progress? Possibly... post as last week's fan favorite, and Trish from Mom on Time Out picked my Mason Jar Terrariums as her favorite from Taking a Timeout Thursday #10!

So what's coming? I have so much on the burners it's really insane, like genuinely disturbing. My brain feels like a ping-pong ball ricocheting all over the place. First off, I decided to participate in project 366; a pic a day for 2012. If you follow me on Pinterest you'll see the pinboard, but instead of bombarding you with random pictures from my life, I'll just post once a week (Monday? Monday. Why not.) with a picboard for the week. As you can see from the pic at the top of this post, I'm practicing my digital-to-analog!

Incidentally, that totally awesome light-up-led keyboard was given to me this afternoon as an early anniversary gift from my awesome man. He noticed me fawning all over it and bought it for me. It's so freakin' cool, it's like little fairies barfed all over the keys. Ah yes, our 5 year anniversary is coming up next week. I will be blogging from high in the mountains, far, far away from suburbs and shopping malls and angry cashiers and red lights. Quiet solitude, books, sunsets, and good dark wine with the man.

In the short term I will be crocheting the Monster and trying out some amigurumi. I also have one last Christmas present straggler that I'm still working on for my closest friend, but I won't say what it is here on the *extremely* unlikely chance that he reads my blog. But it's definitely getting it's own feature post when it's done, it's that fucking awesome.

I've also got a few unusual and very useful tutorials coming for you! Hint: one involves repairing books, and another with upcycling for people who drink lots of wine, i.e., people like me. Will also be doing some traditional French cooking. Intrigued?? Follow along!

In the long term, I've got a whole mess of other projects to get started on, and life in general is gonna be crazy. 2012 will probably (hopefully) bring big changes for us! Maybe we'll get to move away? Somewhere that has seasons? It's 4:15 in the afternoon on December 31st and I'm sitting in front of an open window in a skirt and tank top. It's that warm. Georgia has a few nice features (ALLIGATORS) but the sweltering summers and tepid winters are not them. 

WOOHOO celebrating the passage of a chunk of time. We're ringing in 2012 by setting fire to a wicker goat.

Our house is always entertaining. Stay tuned.


  1. I love it I love it I love it! Happy New Year to two of the most awesome people I have had the honor of calling friends. It has been a while since I last saw you, but you brought me Cat, and for that I don't think I can ever thank you enough. Your blog has inspired me in many ways, and your description of your Ping-Pong brain reminds me that you and I are kindred spirits. Inspiration number one: make an earnest attempt to corral those ping-pong balls and write more this year. I look forward to more of your blog entries this coming year! BTW, Chris and I are ringing in 2012 with some friends at a Fancy Hat Party. My lady friend is dubbing it a Wine and Cheese New Year's Eve!

  2. Jon and I have totally decided that when we have our own yard, we too are burning a wicker goat. Sounds amazing. Hope you had a wonderful time. 45 minutes to go for us, yet. Happy New Year! *hugs*

  3. Kim, happy New Year to you too! We are truly kindred spirits and I miss you so much. I'm glad you're inspired and I look forward to reading some of your writing! Get to it girl! Also: fancy hats, wine, and cheese are the bee's knees ;)

    Jacquie, We had a great time, I hope you did too! Wishing you nothing but the best for 2012 :) *hugs*


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